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    Oh, to have been.

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    Marianne Faithfull arrives at a press conference given by Mick Jagger after he was released from jail following the infamous Redlands drug bust | July 1967 

    Check out British Pathé on YouTube. They have recently uploaded their entire collection of 80.000+ historic newsreels.

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    The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)

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    Marianne Faithfull driving with her son Nicholas and Mick Jagger to the Hyde Park concert

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    The Beat Goes On
    Classic Images from the 1960s by David Wedgbury
    June 26th to July 23rd at Snap Galleries, London

    A new exhibit at Snap Galleries, London gathers together some of the most iconic album cover photographs, alongside some very special previously unreleased material by David Wedgbury. It features early (colour) photos of artists such as The Who, Small Faces and David Bowie.

    There are several unseen photos of Marianne Faithfull. For those of us who can't visit the exhibit in person the entire catalogue has been uploaded to Snap Gallery's website. Have a look!

    (Above photo titled "Headturner" ca. 1965)

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    Marianne Faithfull and her son Nicholas Dunbar at the famous The Stones in the Park concert two days after the unforeseen death of Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones. | July 5th 1969

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    Previously unseen photos of Marianne Faithfull at the British Song Festival in Brighton | May 1965 | Scanned by Faithfull Forever